Peter parker x reader he saves you


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Originally posted by missbuckyinmydreams. “I gotta go to work.”Buckys voice called out echoing across the small apartment you called home. ”This late though it’s well past.




“I have to. Look at you! And he-” You peeked over the car and saw him throwing vehicles in search for you. “He is looking for us. You need medical help.” “You know I’m not. Complete. First published Oct 11, 2018. Peter Parker x Reader (y/n) is an average girl who likes music and books. She was adopted by Tony Stark because of her intelligence. She has some issues with life and this story is about that. So everything changes when she meets this "perfect" boy Peter Parker.

No Control- Peter Parker x Reader Prompt: Hey, can you do a Peter Parker x Reader imagine, where the reader is really really shy, and Peter is under the impression that the reader hates him, until one day at Avenger Headquarters. He sees her there, and learns that she has electric powers, and that's why she usually keeps to herself.

You now go to school at Midtown School of Science and Technology and, may or may not, have a crush on a nerdy boy in your class, his name is Peter. I do not own the.